About Zerto

Zerto is an extremely fast-growing Replication, Disaster Recovery, Migration, and High Availability solution.  Zerto offers hypervisor based replication and is hardware agnostic, providing clients freedom from hardware lock-in. Their hardware agnostic capability allows them to failover from on-premise to the cloud for instance and additionally failback, on demand.  The flexibility and agility that Zerto adds for Data Center Infrastructure teams is extremely valuable.   Zerto has helped many DataPivot clients cut the RPO’s and RTO’s and keeps failovers, failbacks, and disaster recovery easy and simple.

Zerto can be used for a variety of use-cases.  Please find below some of the various use-cases such as data migrations, DR testing, workload mobility, recovering from ransomware, cross hypervisor replication, Etc. 

Please contact DataPivot for a Zerto Demo, quotation, or with questions   zerto@datapivottech.com

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