Who We Are

DataPivot is an innovative enterprise technology solutions company dedicated to our customers’ success.  We are a team of motivated, passionate, experienced IT Sales, Engineering, Operations, and Consulting professionals working closely together with our clients to achieve their enterprise technology goals.  DataPivot is located just North of Boston, Massachusetts primarily helping New England companies with a broad array of Data Center and Enterprise IT projects.  Our #1 measurement of success is that our clients are happy with their project outcome(s) and we have either met or exceeded expectations.   

Project Examples:

  • Global Enterprise Backup & Data Management Projects

  • North American Backup & Data Management Projects

  • Global Laptop/Endpoint Data Protection & Security

  • Hyper-Converged Computing for High End Databases & VDI

  • High Performance Computing and All Flash Modernization

  • Disaster Recovery of both Virtualized & Physical Servers to meet customer RPO’s & RTO’S

  • Enterprise Storage upgrade for Large SAAS company

  • Software Defined Data Center Transformation

  • Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud Computing

  • Data Governance and Compliance

  • IT Visibility and Operations Excellence Solutions

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Migrations, Upgrades, Refreshes, & Tuning.

Our Story

Work began on the inception of DataPivot in late 2013 and was officially launched in early 2015.  We noticed a giant need in our space and multiple problems and challenges which needed solving, so we decided to become involved in solving them on the behalf of our clients.  During this period, there was a massive shift or “pivot” in both cloud and software defined computing.  We wanted to ride this wave and help guide our clients to the business objectives and progress which they so desired. 



Us #pivoters are big on culture.  DataPivot’s only goal which is not 100% about achieving client success is to have a great culture.  We strive to have a great workplace atmosphere and give our A-Player employees a Grade A culture which they can be proud of.  Our customers are a big part of our culture too.  We take this very seriously and by no means is this cliché but rather, authentic.  The ultimate goal is to have a large unified team of long-term, loyal employees and long-term, loyal customers and build something bigger than just a company but rather an experience we can all be proud of.  @DataPivot #pivoting #TeamDataPivot

What You Get

Attributes like Quality, Excellence, Responsiveness, Hard Work, Delivering No Matter What, and Exceeding Expectations come to mind in regards to our approach.

Attributes like resourceful, innovative, communication, reliable, teamwork, and coming through come to mind in regards to our delivery. 

Once we are done things like agreed upon sign-off, showback, clearly defined measurable outcomes, and success is what our customers get or else we will make it right.