DataPivot’s Mission

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DataPivot was established in 2015 to become an independent resource for Data Center and Cloud Solutions that would stand the test of time. We desire to be a long term resource for our Enterprise clients to utilize as they need us and as they see fit!  Each and every interaction with a client no matter how frequent or infrequent, we strive to leave a strong impression that we are a valuable extension of their team which adds distinct value.  We want our clients’ buying experience to be pleasant and fulfilling leading to long term, trusted partnerships. DataPivot has strived to build our business on a foundation of granite that will last many years into the future while innovating and adjusting every step of the way.

In late 2014, as DataPivot’s Founder, Giles Westie, was planning the company launch, he felt that it would be far more advantageous for an IT Sales Professional to maintain trusted client relationships for many years vs. short brief stints where the sales teams get uprooted and everybody including the customer continually starts all over again.  He also noticed how many of the organizations in the space were more loyal to their vendors than they were to the clients and set out to flip that around where the client is always first no matter what.  He appreciated and adopted one of our clients’ sayings called “C1” meaning “Customer First” - Always put the client’s needs first no matter what and everything will work out better over the long term.

One of the biggest measurements of success and compliments that we can receive is either a referral where a past or current client recommends DataPivot or when a client joins a new firm and immediately calls DataPivot to help them get the results they desire.  That vision has manifested itself many times over the last 4 years and our goal is to keep on #pivoting and moving forward with out clients for many years to come. These are a few of our most important mantras and we very much look forward to fulfilling them. 


DataPivot’s Values

  • C1 – “Client First”

  • Ethics & Trust

  • Team Work

  • Resourcefulness

  • Innovation / #Pivoting

  • Long term vision

  • Great communication

  • Follow through


DatePivot’s Goals

  • Help our customers achieve success

  • Give them what they want

  • Enable their Goals

  • Deliver Customer Satisfaction > #1 KPI

  • Provide measurable value

  • Build long lasting relationships

  • Have a great culture