Druva Strategic Partner


Druva is a global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution that aggregates data from endpoints, servers and cloud applications and leverages the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to enable data protection, governance and intelligence – dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information, while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it. Our award-winning solutions intelligently collect data, and unify backup, disaster recovery, archival and governance capabilities onto a single, optimized data set. As the industry’s fastest growing data protection provider, Druva is trusted by over 6,000 global organizations, and protects over 100 PB of data.

Why Druva?

  • Simplicity

  • Instant Time To Value

  • Fully Elastic - On Demand w/ No Waste and No Infrastructure

  • Pay Upon Usage - No Waste

  • Automatic Offsite DR

  • Information Governance 

  • Increased Reliability & Security Confidence




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