The Coffee Story

Coffee and Info tech - The back story

A close friend of ours roasts organic coffee in Costa Rica, down in the greater San Jose area.  We tried his coffee and were immediately impressed, providing the feedback that "this is the best coffee I've ever had."  We started buying it in bulk for customer promotions and giveaways because we figured if we loved it, our customers would too, plus it was original and fun.  This turned into our customers wanting more of it, asking for it, and imploring us to start selling it.  We had created a market demand problem!  83% of American adults drink coffee.  We would guess that upwards of 90% of IT professionals drink coffee having come up through the ranks working nights and weekends to make system changes or being on call.  IT Guys and Gals love coffee, especially great coffee, so being a purveyor of both IT Solutions and also Coffee seems like the Yin and the Yang.  If you are interested in trying Taza Amarilla Coffee, (meaning "yellow cup" in Spanish) please let your sales rep know or fill out the form below.  If you or someone you know would like to receive this coffee regularly, then definitely fill out the below form.

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