Meet A few Members of Our Team


Giles Westie

President and Founder of DataPivot Technologies

Giles started DataPivot in late 2013 and officially launched it in early 2015.  He noticed a giant need in our space and multiple problems and challenges which needed solving, so he decided to become involved in solving them on the behalf of our clients. During this period, there was a massive shift or “pivot” in both cloud and software defined computing.  He wanted to ride this wave and help guide our clients to the business objectives and progress which they so desired. 


James Byrne

Principal Systems Engineer 

James is a Systems Engineer in support of sales campaigns, handling all or most technical aspects of a sale. He attends sales calls and assisting with qualification, requirements gathering, solution design, & recommendation. He creates Technical Presentations on specific subject matter as well as Solution Designs and Solution Proposals

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Nicholas Scuderi

Account Executive

Nicholas is laser focused on providing the highest customer satisfaction to his customers. At DataPivot Nick ensures our products and services have a fantastic ROI by following through with post sales processes , services and follow up.